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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We'll discover...

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An excerpt:

     "It's Batty's fault," said Skye.

     "It is not," said Batty.

     "Of course it is," said Skye.  "We wouldn't be lost if Hound hadn't eaten the map, and Hound wouldn't have eaten the map if you hadn't hidden your sandwich in it."

     "Maybe it's fate that Hound ate the map.  Maybe we'll discover something wonderful while we're lost," said Jane.

     "We'll discover that when I'm in the backseat for too long with my younger sisters, I go insane and murder them," said Stacy.

~ from The Penderwicks,
written by Jeanne Birdsall

I just started reading The Penderwicks yesterday, and this humorous passage jumped out at me.  Maybe that's because our family just got back from a three-day road trip, and by the end of it I was wondering if one of my darling children was going to murder a sibling or two, LOL.  Have you ever been on a trip like that?

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