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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



I'm sure that I've heard people use the word kerfuffle [ker-fuh-fuhl] before, but the first time it really stuck out for me was when I was reading the book Ptolemy's Gate (mentioned in a previous post here) last week.  I read the following sentence:

Then, with a single word,
 he dismissed the Bulb of Silence
and was received eagerly by an ocean
of noise, kerfuffle, and excited speculation.
~ Ptolemy's Gate by Jonathan Stroud

and I felt compelled to say the word out loud.  Kerfuffle.  What a silly sounding word! :)  Then today I was reading an online article and kerfuffle jumped out at me again.  I guess now I'll be seeing it everywhere!  This fun word is a noun meaning "disturbance or fuss".

The Kindergarten teacher sighed in exasperation;
she didn't know how to curb all the chaos and kerfuffle
in the classroom.

The escaped pig caused quite the kerfuffle when it ran
through the outdoor wedding ceremony!

What sentences can you create, using the word "kerfuffle"?

*Just a side note: You wouldn't really be able to play the word "kerfuffle" in Scrabble ~ the game only contains two F tiles.  I had to photoshop a third F onto my picture!

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