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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Robot

Photo courtesy of  PublicDomainPictures.net

My Robot

I have a robot
Do the dishes,
Phone my friends,
Bone the fishes.
Rub my back,
Scrub the floors;
Mop the kitchen,
Open doors.
Do my homework,
Make my bed;
Catch my colds,
Scratch my head.
Walk the dog,
Feed the cats;
Hit my sister,
Knit me hats.
Do my laundry,
Clean my room;
(Boy, he's handy
With a broom.)
Comb my hair,
Darn my socks;
Find my lost toys,
Wind my clocks.
Mix me milk shakes,
Fix my bike;
Buy me all
The things I like.
Grill me hot dogs,
Guard my home --
Who do you think
Wrote this poem?

~ Douglas Florian,
from Bing, Bang, Boing


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