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Monday, February 4, 2013

Millions of snowflakes...

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.net

An excerpt:

     A beautiful snow flake fell through the air. Then two flakes floated softly to earth, followed by three, then four. The snow flakes fell faster and faster and faster. Millions of snow flakes fell from the sky.

     It snowed all that night and all the next day. Thick snow covered the branches of all the trees. A blanket of snow covered the meadows, the hills, the valleys. The snow was heavy on the roofs of the houses and barns.

     The snow stopped falling on the evening of the second day. Once again the big silvery moon rose high in the sky. The owls winged noiselessly from the sycamore to the pine woods. Nothing else stirred in the silent snow-covered land.

~ from The Big Snow,
written by Berta and Elmer Hader

I am happy today because we finally have some snow! We don't have as much as the Haders describe in The Big Snow, but more than we've seen here all winter. (Or last winter, for that matter.) I love when it covers the branches and blankets the land, especially when all is silent and still. What a magical sight!

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