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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vamoose and Skedaddle

Today I'm giving you two words for the price of one. :) The words are synonymous and both are fun to say. I was thinking about them while riding my bike yesterday, using them in a rough draft of a picture book manuscript I was writing in my head! The first word is vamoose [va-moos]. The second is skedaddle [ski-dad-l]. Both words are verbs that mean "to leave hurriedly or quickly; flee".

Here are a few sample sentences:

The two boys looked at each other, their eyes wide.  
"We're gonna be in so much trouble if Mom sees this 
mess," said Tommy.  "Time to vamoose!"

The man peered over the top of his glasses, 
his whole face frowning.  "You kids get off my lawn 
right now!" he shouted.  "Skedaddle!  I mean it!"

"If we don't skedaddle, we're going to be late to the party!"

How would you use the words vamoose and skedaddle?

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