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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Writing all the time...

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“I assume that what I’m doing 
is writing all the time — 
even though I’m actually 
doing something else. 
When you are stuck and you go out 
into the garden to pull weeds, 
you are still writing. 
Part of you is. 
That’s why it’s vitally important 
to have a notebook beside your bed. 
Often the resolution of a difficult bit 
that I wrote the day before, 
and that I was stuck on, 
will trot along in front of my eyes 
when I’m lying in bed just waking up. 
So writing isn’t just 
sitting in front of the keyboard,
 although that’s a fairly vital part of the process. You’re still being a writer 
when you are reading or making notes, 
or just enjoying yourself.”

 ~ Terry Pratchett, 
in The Wand in the Word: 
Conversations with Writers of Fantasy

I like what Pratchett says here about writing and writers. Even when I'm busy doing something, fun or not, my mind is still working on my stories and poems! Have you ever noticed that happening to you?

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