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Friday, June 17, 2011


I've always thought of myself as a bookworm. But just today, I decided that I'm really a BookWyrm*. In case you don't know, "wyrm" is another word for "dragon". Worms nibble; dragons devour. And I devour books. Well... not literally. :)

I am one of those lucky people who reads fast. It's a good thing, because I'm never short on books I want to read. Since I read quickly, I'm able to get through stacks of books much quicker than many people I know. (My daughter, however, reads even faster than me!) Devour means "to swallow up voraciously", and that's what I do to books... chomp, chomp, slurp, gulp!... and then I move on to the next one.

You don't have to be a speedy reader to be a BookWyrm, however. Another definition of devour is "to consume avidly with the senses or mind". I absorb books with enthusiasm.

Dragons also hoard stuff. Valuable stuff. I don't think worms hoard anything, except maybe dirt. I hoard books and consider them to be very valuable. Now, unlike a dragon, I am happy to share my treasure trove of books. I willingly loan them out to friends and share them with my kids. But I do accumulate books. We have shelves, shelves, and more shelves filled with books at our house. And I don't like to get rid of books I own. Ever. Someday I'll show you the pile of books, tattered and well-loved, that I've had since I was young. I (temporarily) accumulate library books, too. Whenever the kids and I visit the library, we always come home with armfuls of books!

Everyone knows that worms keep their feet...err, bodies, that is... on the ground. Dragons tromp around on the ground, too. But they can also do something that worms can't. Dragons fly. They are free spirits, soaring to new and exciting lands. And that's how I feel when I'm reading a good book.

It's true. I'm a BookWyrm. How about you?

*just a little note... I was SO excited when the idea of a bookwyrm came to me this morning! Then I got online and Googled the term. I was more than a little dismayed to find I was not the first to come up with the word. Oh, well. It's still a good idea, and I plan to keep on using it. :)


  1. I love it, Janelle, and I guess I'm a bookwyrm, too! :) Great job on the blog, keep up the good work!

  2. I'm jealous. I can't read fast. Well, that's a lie, because I can read fast, but I can't mentally bring myself to do it. I have to think over every word, every sentence, and work to make sure I understand it all. It slows me down, and means I have no chance of keeping up with my girlfriend when we browse through websites.

    As far as books are concerned, my bookshelf is pretty full already. I have room, but I'm still young. However, one of the first things I do when I go to a new person's house is look over their bookshelf. I think it gives a really good understanding of an individual.

  3. Hey Janelle - it's me Elaine Lucas, had to post this as anonymous since wasn't sure about the other choices, I'm new to this. I love your blog and love this post! I'm reading the book DRAGONSPELL that I mentioned to you on FB the other day. I love stories about Dragons, I didn't know wyrm is another word for dragon so thanks for the info because now I know I am definitely a bookwyrm too! I tend to devour books just like you! I am a 53 yr. old grandmother but I still love fantasy books & movies as well as other types of books. I hope you get your book published, I would love to read it someday!:)

  4. Mimi, yes, I would call you a BookWyrm! :) Thanks so much for checking out the blog!

  5. RyLaB, there is nothing wrong with reading slowly! It sounds to me like you are savoring the books you read and digesting them carefully in your brain. :)

    I agree with you ~ you can learn a lot about someone by checking out his or her bookshelves!

  6. Hi, Elaine! Glad to know you are a fellow BookWyrm, too! :)

    I mentioned Dragonspell to my daughter, and she hasn't read it yet ~ but it is now going on her list of books to read! I will be putting it on mine as well.

    Thanks so much for the kind comments!