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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


From Big Backyard magazine, October 2011,
photo by Richard Costin

The other day my son Ben and I were reading through his latest issue of Big Backyard magazine, and we came across the word "puffling".  Even though I've learned all kinds of information about wildlife from my son Nick over the years, I had never heard of a puffling before.  Have you?  A puffling is another name for a young puffin.  (A puffin is a kind of sea bird, with a short neck and large bill.)  I like the word -- to me, it sounds like something little, fuzzy, and cute -- the same words I would use to describe an actual puffling. :)

The mother puffin returned to her puffling
 with a bill full of fish.

What other words can you think of that seem to fit the objects they name perfectly?

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