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Monday, September 19, 2011

Spotlight on Douglas Florian: Poet, Illustrator, and Author

Until recently, I didn't know who Douglas Florian was, even though we actually owned one of his book of poems --Mammalabilia.  I'd read and enjoyed it, but apparently didn't pay attention to the author's name.  Then, this summer, I came across a humorous poem of Florian's on the internet, and wrote his name down.  When I visited the library next, I looked for his work in the children's poetry section.  That's when I realized that he'd written Mammalabilia.  I came home that day with a big stack of his books!  The boys and I loved Florian's fun, clever poetry and his bright, playful illustrations.

Florian has written poems (and painted artwork) for all different subjects, including:

Creatures from his imagination, in Monster Motel, 1993

A menagerie of wild animals, in Beast Feast, 1994

Birds, in On the Wing, 1996

Insects, in Insectlopedia, 1998

Mammals, in Mammalabilia, 2000

Reptiles and amphibians, in Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs, 2001

Cats and dogs, in Bow Wow Meow Meow, 2003

Zoo animals, in Zoo's Who, 2005

The four seasons, in Summersaults, 2002 and Winter Eyes, 1999

and in Handsprings, 2006 and Autumnblings, 2003

The universe, in Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars, 2007

And dinosaurs, in Dinothesaurus, 2009

Florian also wrote (and drew pictures for) Bing, Bang, Boing, 1994... a large collection of hilarious and creative poems:

I have thoroughly relished all of Florian's work that I've read -- and looked at -- so far.  (My favorites, however, are Bing Bang Boing, Handsprings, Summersaults, Autumnblings, and Winter Eyes.)  I recommend his books for people of all ages!

To learn more about Douglas Florian, his poems, and his artwork, visit his blog, Florian Cafe: Poetry Commotion.  Be sure to look for his books at your library or the bookstore, as well!

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