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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Whenever I hear the word gossamer [gos-uh-mer], I think of the huge red Looney Tunes Gossamer character or the fat cat my sister had for many years, also named Gossamer. Either way, I picture some big furry creature.  But that's not what "gossamer" means at all.

According to Dictionary.com, the noun has two main definitions:

"a fine, filmy cobweb seen on grass or bushes or floating in the air in calm weather, especially in autumn"


"any thin, light fabric".

Gossamer can also be used as an adjective, meaning  "extremely light or delicate".

Here are a few of my attempts to use the word correctly:

Dew sparkled on the gossamer 
that stretched across the grass like a tent for the ants.

I loved the gossamer curtains 
in my grandma's living room; 
they provided privacy 
while still letting in the sunshine.

The mother stroked her 
young son's gossamer hair, comforting him.

How would you use the word gossamer?  Can you think of any words that mean something completely different from how you typically think of them?

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