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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Uncountable Billions

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.net

Uncountable billions
of small grains of stone
make a short stretch of beach
one can lie on alone
or dig landlocked lakes in
or castles or forts.
Uncountable billions
of small grains of quartz.

~Karla Kuskin

The beach is a wondrous place.  I love the sound of the waves against the shore and the feel of the warm sand under my feet.  One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to look for interesting rocks. (Shells, too, but there aren't many of those at the land-locked beaches we normally visit.)  I love to just sit and sift through the sand, looking for smooth pebbles with different colors and designs.  Sometimes I forget that each piece of sand is also a rock. When I think about it, though, I am amazed, knowing that there are uncountable billions of tiny rocks stretching out beneath me.  How does nature amaze you?

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