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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mr. Macklin's Jack O'Lantern

Our jack-o'-lanterns, Oct. 2012

Mr. Macklin's Jack O'Lantern

Mr. Macklin takes his knife 
And carves the yellow pumpkin face: 
Three holes bring eyes and nose to life, 
The mouth has thirteen teeth in place. 
Then Mr. Macklin just for fun 
Transfers the corn-cob pipe from his 
Wry mouth to Jack's, and everyone 
Dies laughing! O what fun it is 
Till Mr. Macklin draws the shade 
And lights the candle in Jack's skull. 
Then all the inside dark is made 
As spooky and as horrorful 
As Halloween, and creepy crawl 
The shadows on the tool-house floor, 
With Jack's face dancing on the wall. 
O Mr. Macklin! Where's the door?

~ David McCord

I just love carving pumpkins, don't you?  I found this poem online and thought it was perfect for the day after our family made jack-o'-lanterns.  I like the way McCord uses rhymes in this poem.  I also like how he describes this traditional Halloween activity -- how "three holes bring eyes and nose to life", how the candle goes into the pumpkin's skull, and how Jack's face dances on the wall. Spoooooky! :)

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