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Friday, January 1, 2016

A Happy New Year

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A Happy New Year

What shall I wish thee?
Treasures of earth?  
Songs in the springtime,
Pleasure and mirth?
Flowers on thy pathway,
Skies ever clear?
Would this ensure thee
A Happy New Year?

What shall I wish thee?
What can be found
Bringing thee sunshine
All the year round?
Lasting and dear,
That shall ensure thee
A Happy New Year?

Faith that increaseth,
Walking in light;
Hope that aboundeth,
Happy and bright;
Love that is perfect,
Casting out fear;
These shall insure thee
A Happy New Year.  

~ Frances Ridley Havergal

I wish all of these for you in 2016... and also a year filled with good books to read! Happy New Year! :)

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