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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Algid and Gelid

This week seems like an appropriate time to share two words -- two synonyms -- that I learned recently. The first is algid [al-jid], an adjective that means "cold, chilly". The second is gelid [jel-id], another adjective that means "very cold, icy, or frosty". I've written a few sample sentences using these words:

It has been positively algid 
here this week. (True story!)

Penguins would love this gelid weather.

I love snow, but I don't like 
the algid temperatures that accompany it.

I'd much rather drink a mug of hot cocoa today
 than a gelid glass of water.

Do you like it when it's algid and gelid outside? How would you use these two words?

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