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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


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I love the word cerulean [suh-roo-lee-uh n] for two reasons: the way it sounds, cool and peaceful, and also its meaning.  Cerulean is an adjective that means "deep blue; sky blue; azure".  Blue (any shade, really, but especially a deep sky blue) just happens to be my very favorite color. :) Here are some examples of the word in a sentence:

Digging her toes in the sand, 
she gazed out at the cerulean sea.

I painted my bedroom cerulean, 
a serene color to remind me of sunny, summer days.

The child's kite resembled a big, colorful bird 
against the cerulean sky.

How would you use the word cerulean?  What else can you think of that can be described that way?

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