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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This week's word is sweven, an archaic noun meaning "a vision or a dream".

My alarm clock woke me in the middle of the most delightful sweven.

I first heard this word in high school, at a party.  My friends and I were playing something similar to the board game "Balderdash".  (But this was several years before that game came out.) 

One person would look for an uncommon word in the dictionary, and read it out loud.  Everyone else would make up a definition for the word, writing it down on a piece of paper.  (Meanwhile, the reader would write down the correct definition.)  The reader collected all the papers, mixed them up, and read each one aloud.  Then the other players voted on which definition they thought was the correct one.

When it came time to hear the various definitions written for sweven, my friends and I really liked the correct meaning, as well as the fake one that received the most votes, defining it as an adjective meaning "heavenly".  From then on, we often used the word in conversation, sometimes using it correctly, and sometimes using it the other way.  One day I even created a "Sweven" button to wear with my other totally 80's buttons.  :)  (I still have it around here somewhere!)

How would you use the word sweven?

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