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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The word this week is another fun one -- zedonk.  Have you heard it before?  Zedonk is a noun meaning "the offspring of a zebra and a donkey".  I first heard this word from my son Nick, who loves animals of all kinds.  (He thinks they should be called donkzees, though!)  He is our resident animal expert, and we learn all kinds of things from him!

From Horse Dictionary: An A to Z of Horses,
written by Don Harper, illustrated by
Michael Langham Rowe and Robin Carter

Zedonk is a real word that combines two other real words.  Sometimes I like to make up my own words the same way.  We have a room in our house that the whole family calls the "scraputer" room -- it's where I do all my scrapbooking, and it's also where we keep our computer.  What words can you make up, mixing two or more real words?


  1. As a nerd, I frequently find myself discussing the whole zombie apocalypse that my people are so fond of. I've always preferred to call it the zombocalypse.

  2. I like that... zombocalypse. :) We were referring to our big blizzard this year as the snowpocalypse -- not quite as scary, perhaps, but still fun to say!