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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Recently, one of my writer friends said that the word soupçon [soop-sawn] makes her smile.  I agree that it is a fun word to say.  (It makes me think of the phrase, "Soup's on!")  After taking four years of French back in high school, I can also appreciate its French origin.  I have to admit, though -- when my friend mentioned it, I wasn't quite sure what the word meant.

It turns out that soupçon is a noun that means "a slight trace".  Its synonyms include "hint", "bit", and "dash".  Here are a few sentences I came up with:

So far this winter, we've only had 
a soupçon of snow fall in our area.

She stirred the simmering pot of pasta sauce, 
then took a taste.  "Mmmm..." she said,
 "delectable!  I love the soupçon of garlic."

The writer's manuscript, written for young adults, 
is a contemporary drama with a soupçon of comedy.

How would you use the word soupçon?

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