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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The writer's job...

Image courtesy of NYPL Digital Gallery

An excerpt:

     Avon found a new piece of paper and was about to start writing again when he sighed and said, "I have to admit my thoughts are still in a muddle."

     "Avon!" cried Edward.  "That's exactly where a writer should be.  After all, creatures generally have nothing to do with their beginnings.  And it's not often they consider their ends.  But in between there's all that muddle.  The writer's job is to write about the muddle."

     "Are you saying," said Avon, "that since I'm always in a muddle..."

     "It proves you are a writer."

~ from A Beginning, a Muddle, and an End:
The Right Way to Write Writing,
written by Avi

I like how Avi uses humor in this book to explain writers and writing.  It kept me laughing throughout! (And it really is true that "the writer's job is to write about the muddle".)

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