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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bulbous and Bouffant

Today I want to share two words with you... and also an amusing video that uses both of them -- along with a bunch of other fun words!

The first word of the week is bulbous [buhl-buh s], an adjective that means bulb-shaped, rounded, or bulging.  Here are some ways I came up with to use it:

The man behind the counter reminded me of a 
cartoon character with his beady eyes, 
his wispy white hair, his bulbous nose, 
and his lips, pursed tightly in disapproval.

Cucumbers are usually long and skinny 
but the one I found in my garden the other day 
was short and bulbous. It still tasted delicious!

The second word for this week is bouffant [boo-fahnt], another adjective.  This one means puffed out or full. Bouffant is also the name of a woman's hair style where the hair is teased to make it big and puffy. Here are some examples that I wrote:

Her costume for the play consisted of a 
1950's style dress, high heels, and a pearl necklace. 
The detail that really made the look, though, 
was styling her hair in a bouffant.

The young robin perched, 
bouffant and sleepy, on the tree branch.

The reason I chose these two words this week is below. A friend shared this video a few years ago and I've watched it several times since. It always makes me giggle! It shows just how entertaining words can be, even when they're not strung together in a sentence.  I admit -- I like to do the same thing as the characters in the video, say silly words over and over again. :)

What were your favorite words from the video? What are some other words you find fun to say? How would you use bulbous, bouffant, or any of these other words in a sentence?

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