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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This week's word, succinct [suh k-singkt], is an adjective that means "expressed in few words; concise; terse". I, myself, am not very good at writing succinctly. I tend to be wordy when I write. (When I am talking, however, I am much more succinct -- mostly because I freeze up and can't get all the words that I want to say to come out of my mouth!)

Here are a few examples I came up with using the word of the week:

I love how poets can take a story or an idea or an image 
and convey it to their readers in just a few succinct lines.

I have one friend who never stops talking, 
and another who is quite succinct.

Do you write -- or speak -- succinctly? Can you come up with a sentence using the word "succinct"?

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