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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is six times one a lot of fun?

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Is six times one a lot of fun?
Or eight times two?
Perhaps for you.
But five times three
unhinges me,
while six and seven and eight times eight
put me in an awful state
and four and six and nine times nine
make me want to cry and whine
so when I get to twelve times ten
I begin to wonder when
I can take a vacation from multiplication
and go out
and start playing again.

~ Karla Kuskin

Math unhinges me, too! It has never, ever been my thing and I am so amazed when others (like my almost-10-year-old son) find mathematics easy and/or fun. How about you? Do you agree with the sentiment of this poem or are your feelings the opposite of Ms. Kuskin's?

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