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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


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An excerpt:

     "[...] Sometimes words are blinky bright. Firefly bright. Sometimes words are shadows. I collect them on my shoe if I run out of room in the blue book."

     "Show me!" Jonah's green eyes sparkled.


     I pointed to the white stripe over the toe of my shoe. "Kaleidoscope: That one sparkled and it had a sound. Popped like Coke fizz until I wrote it down."


     "Did this word dance when you found it?" Jonah pointed to pirouette.

     "Spun through the air," I said, and nodded. "It reminded me of a purple ribbon."

     Jonah raised his eyebrow. "Spindiddly?"

     "I saw it on a carousel at the fair. I don't think it's a real word, so I gave it a meaning: Spindiddly means 'better than awesome.'"

~ from A Snicker of Magic,
written by Natalie Lloyd

I love how Felicity Pickle (the "I" in the excerpt above) collects words, in a notebook and on her shoe. I also like how she describes words and gives meanings to made up words. I used to collect words in a book myself. I still have that notebook in a drawer somewhere, but now I have another collection of words on my computer and I'm more likely to put new words I find and like there.

Have you ever collected words or made up meanings for nonsense words?

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