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Monday, November 9, 2015

Mystery and magic...

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An excerpt:

     Well-chosen words surprise readers and invite them into a poem’s “secret world”. Words can be full of mystery and magic every time you say them. They are full of beauty, meaning, and sound, and they can reveal new things about the world around you. Poets write to make these new discoveries, but they also write because of their love for words. Written on paper and shared with others, words have the power to stir our emotions and transport us to different places and times.

~ from Understanding Poetry: 
Puns, Allusions, and Other Word Secrets,
written by Jennifer Fandel

Why do I love words and poetry so much? I could take each one of the sentences from this excerpt and use it as my answer. I love the beauty of words, their sounds, the way they can surprise us or stir our emotions. I love how words are filled with mystery and magic. Do you like words, too? What do you like about them?

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