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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Minds alive on the shelves...

Photo courtesy of NYPL Digital Gallery
"These are not books, 
lumps of lifeless paper, 
but minds alive on the shelves.  
From each of them 
goes out its own voice... 
and just as the touch 
of a button on our set 
will fill the room with music, 
so by taking down 
one of these volumes 
and opening it, 
one can call into range 
the voice of a man
 far distant in time and space, 
and hear him speaking to us, 
mind to mind, heart to heart."  

~ Gilbert Highet

I love the idea of books being "minds alive on a shelf", coming to us from all over the world, from the past and the present. Books are not just paper and ink; they are words that call to us from the minds of their authors.

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  1. What a great poem! Thanks for sharing it Janelle!