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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A new window...

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"…And now my poems are filled 
with people and animals and the magic 
I see in the real world around me. (…) 
Amazing things are all around me, 
appearing ordinary at first, 
until I really look at them closely.

"As I write about them, 
the real things become very new, 
more vivid and full of color.  
That's exciting to me, 
and I look at my own world 
through a new window, 
my poem, 
and see the marvels all around." 

~ Joanne Ryder, 
in The Place My Words are Looking For

The ordinary things around me always become extraordinary whenever I take the time to stop and really look at them, and then again when I try to write about what I've seen.  I love Ryder's idea of a poem being a new window through which I can view the world....

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