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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I posted a question on the Blue Sky, Big Dreams Blog Facebook page, and also on my personal Facebook wall, asking friends and readers to share some of their favorite words.  (It can be hard to come up with a new interesting word to post here every week -- I wanted to make a big list of words to choose from.)

Several of my friends mentioned that they love the word serendipity.  I like it, too -- not only is it a fun word to say, it also has a pleasant connotation.

Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] is a noun meaning "good luck or fortune".  (It also can mean "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident" or a happy accident.)  I was thinking about this word on my walk this morning, trying to come up with sentences I could use here, and I ended up composing a poem:

alone with 
my gray thoughts,
heart heavy,
poor in spirit—
i turn the corner 
and find 
the treasure
i didn’t know I craved:
fields of gold,
waving in the breeze,
topped with a
brilliant sapphire sky.
light floods
my soul,
filling up every 
dark, empty hole,
lifting my heart—
setting it free 
to soar once more:

~Janelle H.

I did also think of a couple of sentences:

It was pure luck to have the first piece of writing 
I ever submitted to a magazine accepted for publishing.  
I could use some of that serendipity 
with my other manuscripts!

Whenever she looked back on that day, 
she was always amazed by the serendipity 
that brought her best friend into her life.

Do you like the word serendipity?  What ways can you think of to use it in a sentence or a poem?  What are some of your favorite words?

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