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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My life began...

Image courtesy of the American Library Association

"When I got my library card, 
that's when my life began."
~ Rita Mae Brown

As you can see from the picture above, September is Library Card Sign-Up Month.  Last year I wrote about Ben getting his very first library card. (See my post here.)  It's been twelve months now, and his eyes still light up every time he gets to check out new books on his library card. :)

I love my library card.  Although I get a thrill each and every time that I walk into a bookstore (or sign onto an online bookstore) and buy a book of my own that I can keep forever, I do not have the kind of budget that would allow me to buy every book I want to read.  In fact, I can only buy a very small percentage of the books that I'm interested in. All of the other books that I want to read have to come from the library.  And for that, I need my card.

I wish I had a record of every single book I've checked out from a library in my lifetime.  I know it would be a very, very long list. I am so grateful for that free access to all those hundreds of books that I've "devoured" as a BookWyrm over the years -- volumes of fantasy, mystery, nonfiction, poetry, adventure, and more.

If you don't already have a library card of your own, I highly recommend that you go and get one this month -- and then use it!  And I hope you'll encourage everyone you know to do the same....

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