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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peace: A Recipe

Image courtesy of Clker.com

Peace: A Recipe

Open minds -- at least two.
Willing hearts -- the same.
Rinse well with compassion.
Stir in a fair amount of trust.
Season with forgiveness.
Simmer in a sauce of respect.
A dash of humor brightens the flavor.

Best served with hope.

~ Anna Grossnickle Hines, 
from Peaceful Pieces: 
Poems and Quilts About Peace

Yesterday was the International Day of Peace.  (I originally wrote the date down wrong and thought it was today until I happened to see it on my calendar late last night.)  Today is the first day of fall, however.  I love this poem by Hines that I found in her book, Peaceful Pieces, at the library over the summer, and thought it was appropriate for the Day of Peace.  This world needs all the peace it can get, today and every day.  Wishing you all a peaceful day and a beautiful, peaceful autumn!

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