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Monday, September 17, 2012

It's much more fun...

Do these letters look tasty?

An excerpt:

     As they turned down the last aisle of stalls, Milo noticed a wagon that seemed different from the rest.  On its side was a small neatly lettered sign that said, "DO IT YOURSELF," and inside were twenty-six bins filled with all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.
     "These are for people who like to make their own words," the man in charge informed him.  "You can pick any assortment you like or buy a special box complete with all letters, punctuation marks, and a book of instructions. Here, taste an A; they're very good."
     Milo nibbled carefully at the letter and discovered that it was quite sweet and delicious, just the way you'd expect an A to taste.
     He gave Milo an I, which was icy and refreshing, and Tock a crisp, crunchy C.
     "Most people are just too lazy to make their own words," he continued, "but it's much more fun."

~ from The Phantom Tollbooth
written by Norton Juster

I love this image of tasting letters and then using them to build one's own, fresh words!  If I were there in Dictionopolis with Milo, I would want to take a bite out of each letter of the alphabet, to see for myself how each one tastes.  Which letter do you think would taste the best?

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