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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Collecting words...

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An excerpt:

Max collected words that made him feel good.
Park, Baseball, Dogs, Hugs
He collected words of things he liked to eat.
Bananas, Pancakes, Ice cream
He collected words that were spoken to him.
Good morning, goodbye, go away!
He collected his favorite colors.
Green, Blue, Brown
Max opened the dictionary and found words he did not know.
He copied these on small slips of paper.

~ from Max's Words,
written by Kate Banks

I found this book at the library the other day, and just had to bring it home with me.  The thought of a little boy (or girl) collecting words makes me smile! :)  I make lists of words myself -- words I like, words I hear, new words I've just learned.  How about you?  Do you collect words?

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