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Monday, November 12, 2012

A plump and perky turkey...

Photo courtesy of Public Domain Clip Art

An excerpt:

"A plump and perky turkey's
     what we need," they all agreed.
"But finding turkeys nowadays
     is very hard indeed.
The birds have gotten smarter,
     and they all seem quite aware
that it's best to disappear
     when autumn leaves are in the air."

~ from A Plump and Perky Turkey,
written by Teresa Bateman

Have you ever seen a wild turkey before?  Those things are BIG.  (Domestic turkeys are big, too.)  My husband and I saw one walking along a road in Pennsylvania once -- it was tall enough to look into our car windows.  You wouldn't think that something that large could just disappear, but as soon as it spotted us, the turkey hurried into the woods where it blended in so well that we could not see it any more.  Maybe it knew Thanksgiving was coming up?

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