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Monday, November 19, 2012

November had come...

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An excerpt:

     November had come and the crops were in. The walls of the cheerful kitchen were hung with garlands of dried apples, onions, and corn. Up aloft from the beams shone crookneck squashes, juicy hams, and dried venison.

     Mrs. Bassett bustled to and fro, flushed and floury, for today was Thanksgiving.  Tilly, the oldest daughter, was briskly grinding spices as Prue kept time with the chopper.  The twins, Roxy and Rhody, sliced away at the apples while Seth and Solomon shelled corn for popping.

~ from An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving,
written by Louisa May Alcott

Just reading this makes me hungry... and eager for Thanksgiving dinner!  I like all the details Alcott uses, and the picture she paints in my mind with her words.  She offers sights, sounds, and even smells in just two short paragraphs.  Reading this also inspires me to try writing about my own family's Thanksgiving -- I'll have to keep this passage in mind later this week!  How would you describe holidays at your house?

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