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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The color of the sun.

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.net

An excerpt:

     Then one day the sun did not shine as hot as fire. And blackbirds, skies full of blackbirds, began flying over the big field. There was a burning smell of leaves in the air and a crisp tingle that tickled the fat little pumpkin's sides. [...]

     [...] The first cold frosts came in the night. and the fat little, round little, yellow little pumpkin woke up one morning and discovered that he was a fiery orange-yellow pumpkin. The color of the sun. A fierce, burning color.

~ from The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin,
written by Margaret Wise Brown

I love all of the descriptions Brown uses in her story: "skies full of blackbirds", "a burning smell", "a crisp tingle", "fierce, burning color", and so on. Each one helps paint a picture of autumn in the reader's mind. When I think of fall, my mind goes first to colorful leaves, but right after that I think of pumpkins, like the one in this story. Pumpkins are cheerful things, I think. I love their fiery colors and their plumpness -- they make me smile! :) 

What parts of this excerpt jump out at you?

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