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Monday, October 26, 2015

What's That?

My son Ben, Oct. 2015

What’s That?

What’s that?
Who’s there?
There’s a great huge horrible horrible
creeping up the stair!
A huge big terrible terrible
with creepy crawly hair!
There’s a ghastly grisly ghastly
with seven slimy eyes!
And flabby grabby tentacles
of a gigantic size!
He’s crept into my room now,
he’s leaning over me.
I wonder if he’s thinking
how delicious I will be.

~ Florence Parry Heide

Many people, when they hear the word "poetry", think of romantic poems or poems about rainbows and flowers and other lovely things. But poetry encompasses so much more than that! 

Someone can write a poem about being in love, sure -- someone else (or even the same person!) can write about being sad or mad or frightened, like Heide did in the poem above. I like to read creepy, scary poems, especially around Halloween. What kind of poetry do you like?

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