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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This week's word is exuberant [ig-zoo-ber-uhnt], an adjective meaning "overflowing with enthusiasm".  In case you're wondering why I picked this word (and picked it specially for this week), just take a look at my first example:

My exuberant son Nick burst through the door, 
dropped his backpack to the floor, and shouted, 
"Goodbye, school!  Hello, summer vacation!" :)

As the long book-signing line inched closer to the front, 
the exuberant young girl bounced up and down.  
She couldn't wait to meet her favorite author!

My hand shook as I set the letter from the magazine 
editor on the table.  She was going to publish my story!  
I had never felt so exuberant in my life.

How would you use the word of the week in a sentence?  What makes you exuberant?

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