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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Write as if...

My son Ben loves to dance -- and doesn't
care who's watching!  June 2012

"Just as 
we must dance 
as if no one is watching, 
we must write 
as if no one is reading."

~ Robin LaFevers

I try to remind myself of this quote whenever I'm writing -- I need to write for the pure enjoyment of it, without worrying about what anyone else is going to think of the words I've jotted down.  They are my words, my poems, my stories.  They come from my head, my heart, my experiences.  I write them first and foremost for myself, when the words come bubbling out of my brain, begging to be put down on paper.  Yes, my goal is for them to be read by others someday, and yes, I hope those who read them will like my words.  But when I'm in the process of writing, I need to let the words flow, and write as if no one is reading.

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