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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The word skulduggery [skuhl-duhg-uh-ree], a noun meaning dishonest or deceitful trickery, is a fun one to say.  It makes me think of pirates, probably because "skul" is similar to skull (as in skull and crossbones) and "dug" reminds me of buried treasure.  When I looked the word up on Dictionary.com,  I noticed that skulduggery has several synonyms that are also fun-to-say words, including hanky panky, hocus-pocus, and jiggery-pokery.

"Arrrgh!" growled the raggedy old pirate.  "This is the life--
 ridin' me ship on th' sea, countin' me treasure, 
and plottin' countless acts of skulduggery with me friends!"

The villain in that book commits thievery and various
 other skulduggery before finally having to pay 
for his crimes.

How would you use skulduggery in a sentence?

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