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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Pond at Reiman Gardens, Ames, IA, May 2008


   Come see
   What I found:
   Chubby commas,
   Mouths round,
   Plump babies,
   Stubby as toes.

    Come see
   What I found!
   Huddled in puddles,
   Snuggled in mud. 

~ Kristine O'Connell George

This is such a fun poem!  Polliwogs (or tadpoles, as I usually call them) really do look like chubby commas.  And I love how Kristine O'Connell George calls them "frogs-in-waiting", because, of course, that's what they are.  The picture above isn't the best, I know, but I remember how delighted everyone in our family was when we first spotted the pond full of polliwogs!  There were hundreds of them, wiggling around and snuggling in the mud.  There are so many wonderful and amazing things in the world around us, so many poem and story ideas just waiting for someone to take notice.  What have you seen recently that could be turned into a poem or a story?

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