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Monday, June 25, 2012

When fishing was best...

Sea Gull Lake, BWCA, MN, Aug. 2009

An excerpt:

The lake slowed its thrashing to a soft, even beat.  The mosquitoes dipped low to the water and the water bugs skittered on top.  The moon glowed on one side of the lake while the sun shimmered on the other.  This was the time when fishing was best.

~ from I Love You the Purplest
written by Barbara M. Joosse

This passage reminds me of evenings in the Boundary Waters, where our family goes camping (and fishing, too).  I can hear the sound of the water on the rocks.  I can picture the bugs skittering about as the sun shimmers and sets.  I can feel the tug of a fish on my line.  It makes me wish I was there right now.  What books have you read that take you back to a special place as you read them?

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